It is such a pleasure, to work together with my good friend and talented coach Martine Servaes-Loos. We have decided to combine our knowledge en expertise in the fields of expat life in Holland & work-life balance. Spread the word and come join us in our workshop ladies!



  • Struggling with all your roles and responsibilities?
  • Do you feel like a juggler about to collapse?
  • Dont you have a clue when you had your last ‘me-time’?
  • Are there still SO many things to do at the end of your 24-hour day?


Do you recognize yourself in any of this and do you want to take control of your time and life again? Then sign up for the workshop ‘Get a Grip – create a balanced life in Holland

In our 1-day interactive workshop you will examine how you divide your activities and responsibilities and you will explore what you find most important in your life – core values – and you will discover your energy drainers and energy enhancers. For more information, registration and early bird discount, check: and of course you can contact me at




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